60 Days to Love and Leave your London: The Explanation

1897677_10206969906710743_7429068815302019731_nI’ve just finished my degree at King’s College London in about 60 days I’m leaving London for pastures and ventures new. London is a city that sings in me (and sometimes sinks me). My soul tingles and gets tangled around Southbank sunsets and Hampstead Heath hikes, jaunts down Bermondsey Street and hilarious evenings in the ‘Blue Eyed Maid’,SE1’s very own 7 days a week karaoke pub/cheap cocktail haunt/scene of many of my most debauched evenings (belting out Take That’s ‘Never Forget’ on my 21st birthday at 1am a particular highlight -sorry, not sorry!)

As a Londoner (by choice, not by birth) I tend to take this city for granted. I spend many of my days rolling eyes at tourists gazing in wonder at St Paul’s, staring at my shoes on the tube commute home, tutting at people who dawdle.

As a depressive, I tend to take this city for granted too. When you don’t want to get out of bed, the world becomes your bedroom, you feel like you will never want to have fun, to be outside, to explore the gorgeous sprawling mass of city that lies at your feet.

And that’s why I want to make the most of my last days in London. I will miss this city massively. I could sing its praises from the bottom of my smog smothered lungs forever. I know there will be many adventures to come when I move to Cambridge in October yet I feel that London and I have some unfinished business. So I am making a concerted effort to see more of it, to do new things, old things, all things in it before I leave it.  Call it my London bucket list, I am going to try to do something new (nearly) every day in my last 60 days in London and write about it here.




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